Construction And Language Completion Integrated Throughout Eclipse
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Calcite is a code completion enhancement plugin for Eclipse's Java development environment.

It uses a database based on the Jadeite project to assist the programmer when constructing classes. It does so by matching the contextual information with an expected class in the database, and returning it's most common method of construction. This construction example can be inserted directly into the code, and will dynamically import any needed classes or interfaces for the developer.

Calcite also assists Eclipse Java developers by implementing the placeholder method concept of Jadeite. Placeholder methods don't truly exist, but represent a lacking expected functionality of the class. They can be automatically inserted (in comments, as they don't exist) into the code at the user's command, with a full explanation also in a comment below.

Finally, Calcite allows the user to easily and conveniently suggest placeholders from within the Eclipse environment, and automatically emails the Calcite team, in order to precipitate further participation in the Jadeite project., through the "Do You Wish Another Method Were Here?" completion.

Calcite is being developed as part of the Natural Programming Project in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. We're affiliated with the EUSES consortium, which is a group of universities working on end-user software engineering.